Beginning in 1989 these images originated as large format 6 cm x 17 cm film transparencies which can be enlarged extraordinarily well. More recently, a few of the images from several years ago were taken with a smaller and easily portable film panorama camera. The most recent images began as high resolution digital captures, and vary in size and proportion depending on the image. 

       In order to fully explore the qualities of each image I do all my own printing, creating prints that are expressive, detailed, and reflective of the most modern archival printers, inks, and papers.   Prices for the most recent non panoramic images vary depending on their own individual unique sizes. 

7 “ x 21”        editions of 15         $350

10.6 " X 32 "    Editions of 10        $800

   14" X 42"        Editions of 10       $1,100

   20" X 60"       Editions of 5         $1,800