All of the images displayed here are available as prints and can be purchased directly from the website. Beginning in 1989 the vast majority of them originated as large format 6cm x 17cm transparencies which can be enlarged extraordinarily well to significant sizes. More recently, many of the images in the Humanity section were taken with a smaller and more portable XPan panorama camera and are offered up to 42” size. All of the images in the Current Work section began as digital captures, and can be reproduced to the sizes indicated on their respective drop down menus. They vary in size and proportion depending on the image.

Not that any of this matters, because I really believe the most important thing about an image is it’s composition and emotional impact, regardless of the medium. Another thing I do believe in is artwork being printed by the artist, and therefore I do all my own printing. Frankly, there isn’t any other way to get what I get, since it isn’t possible to know what is possible until the files have been worked and played with over a period of time. My photography has always been done with the highest and best tools appropriate for the job at hand. In this digital age, that’s still how I work, and as such my prints are expressive, detailed, and reflective of the most modern and archival printers, inks, and papers. Delivery time varies, depending on my travel schedule, but is usually about 2-3 weeks.

Prices below are for signed, unframed prints, and include shipping and handling for US purchases. For local purchasers, additional arrangements can be made for matting and framing if necessary. Like most artwork, these prints come with an unconditional guarantee. If unsatisfied with a purchase, simply return it postage paid within 7 days of receipt and you will receive a full refund.

    7 “ x 21”     editions of 15        $800

    14” x 42”    editions of 10        $1,600

    20” x 60”    editions of 5        $2,800

These four images are priced separately as follows:

    Dusk, Mono Lake

    El Capitan in the Winter

    Shaker Hill Swamp

    Totem Pole & Yei Bi Chei

    7” x 21”    editions of 15        $1,600

    14” x 42”    editions of 10        $3,200

    20” x 60”    editions of 5        $5,500

Some of the Current Work images are more conventionally proportioned, and those are priced individually depending on their sizes.

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